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Sync data from somewhere else

If your data is not in Jira, Linear, Notion, Google Docs, or Confluence, the best alternatives are:

  • If you have multiple projects to import, get them into a .csv file and then upload that .csv to Korl. Your .csv should have a row per project on your roadmap and column per project attribute. Korl will treat the first row as column headers, then create a new roadmap project for each subsequent row in the table. You’ll have the opportunity to map columns in your .csv to the relevant attribute in Korl, and you can also ask KorlAI to auto-generate additional content as long as you provide an Internal summary.
  • If you have project documents in another document editor, upload a copy of each document to Drive. Next, “Open with Google Docs” or “Save as Google Doc” for each one. Then follow the steps to add from Google Docs.