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Infer attributes from the project doc

KorlAI can also analyze any project document written in Google Docs, Notion, or Confluence to extract data and auto-generate content for Korl attributes.

This is particularly useful for long text attributes such as Internal summary or Critical user journey.

It also works well for attributes such as Themes, Goals, and Target personas.

💡 Tip: If you define expected values for Themes, Goals, and Target personas under Settings, KorlAI will analyze the project document and pick the most relevant value from the ones you provided. If you have not provided expected values, KorlAI will come up with values on its own.

Once you add a Project doc link to a particular Korl project, KorlAI analyzes the document to populate values for the attributes configured to sync from the project doc.

As the underlying document evolves, ask Korl to “re-analyze” at any time to update the project’s attributes based on the latest content in the document.

If you make an edit in Korl, sync will be broken, and the attribute’s source will change to Korl. But you can always “re-analyze” to re-sync the attribute at any time.

Attributes synced to KorlAI’s analysis of the project document have the document icon next to them.

🐶 How Korl uses Korl We sync the following attributes from our project documents:

  • Project name
  • Internal summary
  • Themes
  • Goals
  • Target personas
  • Critical user journey