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Sync data from Notion

There are two ways to get data from Notion into Korl, depending on what Notion data you want to import.

To add a roadmap project that has a dedicated Notion page describing what the project is, you will add from project docs.

  1. Go into the Roadmap tab in Korl and “Add from project docs” (under the + button).
  2. Select “Notion” (you will be prompted to authenticate Notion if you haven’t yet).
  3. Select the Notion pages for which you want to create Korl roadmap projects. Note that you can select up to 10 pages at a time.
  4. Korl will create a new roadmap project for each selected page. KorlAI will extract or auto-generate as much metadata about the project as possible

Note: The underlying documents do not need to have any particular structure

To bring in a number of projects from a Notion database (table), you will need to export that table to .csv and then import that .csv into Korl.

  1. Go to the Notion database (table) that has the projects you want to bring into Korl.
  2. Apply any desired filters.
  3. Click the 3-dot in the far upper right corner of the page (not the one located next to the table), then select “Export”
  1. Confirm the export format (“Markdown & CSV”), then start the export.
  2. Go into the Roadmap tab in Korl and “Add from .csv file” (under the + button).
  3. Follow the steps to upload the file and map the columns in your .csv to the relevant Korl attributes

For projects that have an associated Notion page describing the feature in more detail, add the Notion as the “Project doc link” so that KorlAI can analyze it and sync any additional data. You can either:

  • Include the URL in your .csv and be sure to map that column to the “Project doc link” attribute in Korl.
  • Link the relevant Notion page after finishing the upload (by going to the project and selecting to “Add project doc link,” which enables you to select any page from Notion)