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Import & sync data into Korl

There are three main ways to import roadmap projects into Korl: add from project docs, add from a .csv file, or add manually.

When adding from a project doc, you select one or more documents, each of which should describe a single project on your roadmap. KorlAI will analyze the documents, then create and populate a new roadmap project for each one. The underlying document does not need to have any particular structure.

When adding from a .csv file, you upload a single .csv file where each row is a project on your roadmap, and each column is one of the project attributes. Korl will treat the first row as column headers, then create a new roadmap project for each subsequent row in the table. You’ll have the opportunity to map columns in your .csv to the relevant attribute in Korl, and you can also ask KorlAI to auto-generate additional content as long as you provide an Internal summary.

When adding manually, you provide the data directly into Korl. Depending on your project attribute settings, additional data may be synced (as you add a Dev or Project doc link) or auto-generated by KorlAI (as you add an Internal summary).

Depending on where your roadmap data lives today, you may want to use a combination of these mechanisms to import your data into Korl.