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Sync data from Confluence

If you have project documents (e.g. PRDs, one-pagers, product briefs, etc.) that are written in Confluence Pages, you will add from project docs.

Korl will create a new roadmap project for each Confluence Page you add.

  1. Go into the Roadmap tab in Korl and “Add from project docs” (under the + button).
  2. Select “Confluence” (you will be prompted to authenticate if you haven’t yet).
  3. Provide the URLs to the Confluence pages for which you want to create Korl roadmap projects. Note that you can add up to 10 URLs at a time.
  4. Ensure that you see a green check icon next to each URL, indicating Korl can access the page. If you don’t see the green check, ensure that the account used to authenticate Confluence has access to that Confluence page.
  5. Korl will create a new roadmap project for each provided page. KorlAI will extract or auto-generate as much metadata about the project as possible.

Note: The underlying documents do not need to have any particular structure