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Korl Artifacts

An artifact is a piece of communication collateral created in Korl. Currently, Korl can auto-generate two different types of artifacts: presentations, and updates.

Presentations can be created at any time from the “Create presentation” button. The format and content will depend on the presentation template you choose. There are also many ways to configure and edit the presentation once you create it.

When you create a presentation, Korl grabs the latest data for each included roadmap project.

The presentation is then preserved as a “snapshot,” meaning its contents will not change unless a user explicitly updates or edits the presentation itself – even as the underlying project data evolves. This ensures the presentation can serve as a useful comparison point in the future.

💡 Tip: When you “duplicate” a presentation, Korl creates a copy but pulls in all the latest data. You can then add or remove projects from the “Included projects” menu in the duplicated presentation. Korl automatically summarizes key changes between the presentations.

Updates are well-formatted, text-based summaries that can be copy-pasted into places like Slack or an email. They provide a less formal alternative to a full presentation.

You can auto-generate an internal update any time from the lightning icon on the upper right corner of the Roadmap table. Korl uses the latest project data to produce a short summary of what’s recently released, coming soon, or currently being defined.

Korl also sends a weekly email with this internal status update, highlighting changes since the prior week. It goes to all Korl users on Monday mornings.