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Ask KorlAI to generate content

Finally, you can ask KorlAI to auto-draft External positioning content based on the internally-facing information already added to Korl.

This option is only available for External name, External description, and Customer impact.

When one of these attributes is synced to KorlAI, it gets auto-generated and auto-updated any time the project’s Internal summary changes.

If you make a manual edit to the KorlAI-generated content, sync will be broken, and the attribute’s source will change to Korl (but you can always re-sync at any time).

Attributes synced to KorlAI have the

KorlAI icon

KorlAI icon next to them.

🐶 How Korl uses Korl We ask KorlAI to auto-draft the following attributes:

  • External name
  • External description
  • Customer impact