Stop using a spreadsheet to manage your roadmap. Korl is a purpose-built tool for roadmap management and roadmap communications.

1. Choose Your CSV Option:

Use Our Template:

Download our pre-formatted template to ensure a seamless import.

We'll automatically analyze your data with KorlAI for enhanced insights.

Bring Your Own CSV:

Export your data from apps like Notion, Excel, or Jira.

We'll guide you through mapping your fields to Korl fields using our easy-to-use UI.

2. Upload your CSV

Choose the upload csv from the chat interface

Drag and drop or choose your csv file by clicking ‘Select .csv file’

Click Next

3. Map your CSV fields to Korl attributes (if needed)

Follow the prompts to match your fields to Korl fields 

Our intuitive UI makes this process quick and painless

4. KorlAI automatically

Sit back and relax while KorlAI analyzes your data and offers helpful suggestions.

This includes:

4. Provide Additional Information (optional):

The only required field is "Item Name." However, we encourage you to fill in the "Internal Summary" field for a more comprehensive and magical experience. The more information you provide, the better KorlAI can assist you in creating informative presentations and reports.