For Notion, you will need to integrate with Notion Authentication in the Integration section under Settings; for Google Docs, we’ll just authenticate you as needed.

Choose where your Project Documents live (containing feature descriptions, critical user journeys etc) Don’t worry about the details or the structure. KorlAI will handle that for you!

Add projects manually to your roadmap

If using Notion:

If using Google Docs:

For either data source, you can add more details to each imported roadmap item as needed. We will structure the data for you and suggest themes, goals, target personas using KorlAI You can add additional details that may not be contained in the documents by going to each roadmap item and filling in items such as release dates, stage et al

Additional Notes:

You can also create roadmap items manually by clicking the + button and selecting Add Manually. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Korl support by clicking the Question Mark at the bottom of the app.