How Korl works

Internal roadmap
All Hands, Roadmap plan readout
External roadmap
Customer meeting, Sales pitch
Release review
Monthly product meeting
Status update
Roadmap check-in, Exec updates

Korl integrates with tools like Jira, Google Drive and Figma to sync data and auto-generate content about items on the roadmap.

When you create a presentation in Korl, it’s auto-populated with the latest data and enhanced by Korl AI.

Switch between templates and customize content with just a few clicks.

"Korl is the coolest app ever. I save so much time and my boss thinks I’m a genius"

Sumeet Pannu - CTO and co-founder of Korl
Zain Madsen
Product Ops - Acme Co.

your data

Connect to your tools of choice and keep your data synced.

Configure project attributes

Assign a data source and settings for each project attribute.

Sync and Summarize
with KorlAI

KorlAI populates data by analyzing your project requirement documents so you don’t have to.

Korl populates more data when synced with your engineering tasks.

Hero video placeholder image showing the Korl app and a play button

Project details populate your roadmap presentations.

Hero video placeholder image showing the Korl app and a play button

Create and customize

Start from a template optimized for a specific use case and let Korl pull in the latest synced data. Easily customize your content and styles.

Pull in the latest synced data upon creation. Quickly and easily reorganize sections and show or hide content.

Sync styles and import custom slides from your existing slide decks.

Communicate and collaborate

Invite project owners to review content for the roadmap items they own, and request feedback from product stakeholders.